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Refrigeration Service

When it comes to our refrigeration service, our goal is always to increase the reliability, efficiency, and duration of your system. If you have a commercial kitchen, you know that refrigeration issues are nothing to joke about. Whenever you notice warm areas or thawed items in your walk-in cooler, it is time to call the professionals at American Mechanical Services, Inc.

Our mechanical contractor provides the following residential and commercial refrigeration services:

  • Refrigeration repair
  • Walk-in cooler repair
  • Walk-in cooler service
  • Ice machines
  • And more

If you are unsure about the condition of your refrigeration unit, one of our trained technicians can help evaluate whether it may need repairs or replacement. Here are some key signs that your unit may need our attention:

  • Food spoiling before expiration date
  • Refrigerant fluid is leaking from your unit
  • Freezer or cooler is making unusual noises
  • Noticeably warmer temperature inside freezer
  • Thawed food inside of freezer or cooler

Refrigeration problems for commercial kitchens have the potential to bring the operation to a halt, which can affect business and revenues. It is important to act quickly, and with the services of  American Mechanical Services, Inc. we get your refrigeration unit up and running again.

Whatever your time frame and schedule look like, we are here with the solutions to get your walk-in cooler or freezer working as soon as possible. Our goal is to accommodate your needs and leave you with a refrigeration unit that you can have confidence in.

Give us a call today at (321) 574-4903, to see what we can do for your refrigeration unit or walk-in cooler. Our contractors look forward to resolving any of your refrigeration needs.